Forty odd years ago, businessman, lyricist and poet , Tony Forster, trained as a steward with British European Airways. Finding himself to be one of very few ‘straight’ men on the course alongside many pretty young ladies, he relished the thought of flying around Europe and beyond trying to charm the passengers as well as selected female cabin crew members. Although very young, he had successfully sold shoes to retailers from a family business, so Tony felt his brain was under-taxed as a high-flying waiter. He was so captivated by the personalities amongst the mainly gay and extrovert boys as well as the BEAautiful girls that, one night, sitting in his flat after too much Chianti (Riserva 1966, brought back from Florence) he wrote a script for a musical comedy show.

He was convinced he’d be able to direct some of this obvious talent to perform show business miracles in front of larger audiences than those flying on Vanguard aircraft. He co-founded the British Airways Cabin Crew Entertainment Society in 1971 and pioneered the concept of the cabin crew members’ thespian efforts donating money to various charities. Through their toe-tapping and acting efforts, over $1 million has been given to various charities by the Society since then. It survives and thrives today. This near 250 page memory of camaraderie, crushes and close calls is heart-warming, hilarious and sometimes a little hair-raising

"great stuff", says TV writer

“Just to say huge thanks for sending over a copy of your book.

It's great. The cover's terrific and I've been dipping in and out of it ever since. The stories are funny, personal, bite-size but not without depth. That's one hell of an experience you've had and it deserves to be documented. You should be very proud.”
Rob Young

Tracey, Hessle hairdresser, said, "I really loved the book. I honestly couldn't put it down. I thought about locking the shop and just sitting down to read it but I stopped and ended up finishing it in two bursts. I found it really funny and I loved the way you fought your way into making sales. I bet you did the same on the many flights."